The Lordens Apartments, Queenstown, New Zealand

Holiday homes have traditionally provided a retreat for the family – a place where everyday routines give way to a more relaxed, easy-going lifestyle. But for most families, staying in a traditional kiwi bach has also meant doing without the luxuries of home.

Today, a new generation of homeowners is looking for a more sophisticated holiday experience – but one that can still be shared with family and friends.

It is this demographic that determined the design of The Lordens, a new apartment complex in Queenstown, developed by Australian Graeme Shaw. “Many American, European and East Coast Australian guests staying in luxury resorts have expressed a desire to buy, not only for their children’s futures, but also their grandchildren’s,” says Shaw.

The brief given to architect Brian Hollis, of Robert Ferguson Architects, required a design that could accommodate extended families holidaying together. Shaw says there was also a need for single-level apartments and uncomplicated floor plans suited to holiday living.

Not surprisingly, maximising the lake and mountain views was a priority. Shaw says although the views are spectacular, the site was challenging, due to its steepness and the large volume of rock that needed to excavated.

“The apartments were designed to step back into the contours of the hill,” says architect Hollis. “This also enabled us to provide extensive outdoor living areas. These needed to be sheltered and sunny spaces that could be utilised all year round.”’

Hollis says environmental factors also determined the provision of sun awningsand the degree of thermal insulation needed for the cold winter climate.

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